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Divisions Within The Paranormal Realm

From Experienced Paranormal Investigators to those considering Paranormal Investigations, there are many aspects of the Paranormal Realm that some may not be aware of. This topic covers some of the Divisions within the Paranormal Realm that you may not be aware of. Basic Haunting definitions that I am sure most of you are aware of but will discuss herein, are the 5 commons (which can be Googled and found);

1) Orbs: To tell the difference between Orbs, Dust Particles and Lens flares, always look for 3 distinctive parts to the orb that you believe you see;

A) The Orb Appears Fuzzy

B) An Inner Ring, also known as “The Parker Ring” is always well defined within the Orb

C) An Inner Energy, also known as “The Auric Center” that will NEVER be a solid color.

Dust Particles and Lens Flares are commonly mistaken for Orbs even by seasoned veterans due to a few different reasons, suggestive listening, suggestive visualization, misinterpretation, small video camera view screens, small still camera view screens, heat of the moment and things along these lines. Dust Particles are all one color. Lens Flares are usually red or yellow. One thing to remember is that Orbs can not be photographed during the day outdoors but can be captured during the day indoors.

2) Flitting Silhouettes; aka “Shadow People” are dark and flitting and glimpsed from the corners of the eyes not lasting more than a few mili-seconds but enough to catch your attention.

3) Intelligent Spirits; These interact with the living through communication such as EVPs, knocks, bangs, touching, cold spots and light physical contact.

4) Residual; Types of residual include audible foot steps, laughter, soft crying and the like. These are energies trapped within an object of a structure like blocks, bricks and¬†stone. This type is difficult to get rid of as it is in a “Replay Mode Loop” over and over and over again.

5)¬† Demons; Last but not least (and the most feared to be encountered) These are some bad boys that most Paranormal Investigators do not like to encounter but have the possibility¬†to encounter. They are dangerous and deceptive often masking themselves as women or children. They will Lie to you without hesitation. They have what we call “Stink Breath”¬†, “Rotten Breath” or “Death Breath“, if in close proximity, you will never mistake this smell. The sounds of hoofs¬† is a common trait to hear. The smell of Sulphur or Rotten Eggs, Scratches of 3, Slaps or any INTENSE Mental or Physical Bodily Contact/Injury. Instant fear or impending doom¬†is also commonplace and are also signs of a possible demon encounter. They are not to be toyed with or¬†investigated by the inexperienced. Demons are accessed through Ouija Boards,¬†Inner Circles, Doorways, Rituals, Vodoun and Black Majik conjured by Inexperienced/Self Proclaimed Witches of the Satanic Rituals and Covenants. Although rare to encounter, it is possible to encounter a demon as a Paranormal Investigator, especially investigating a location with an¬†unknown history. If you encounter a demon, Say a Prayer and leave the area immediately especially¬†if you do not know how to deal with them. ALWAYS say¬†the same prayer¬†Before Exiting the¬†location so it does not attach to you. I am not trying to scare anyone, these are¬†simply common facts and possibilities within the Realm of the¬†Paranormal Field.

After reading all this and you are still reading, lets continue.

Believe it or not there are different Realms within the Paranormal Realm and our Founding Parents of Paranormal Investigations; Ed and Lorraine Warren, discovered these Realms. Some Scientist believe that there are actually 13 dimensions within the total Paranormal Realm but none have had any concrete evidence to support such a claim. I will only discuss the 3 Realms that I am familiar with, within the Paranormal Realm believed to exist.

The “First Realm” is contact with the Paranormal via EVP, Orbs and the like. This would be described like a residual type playback embedded within blocks, brick, stone and the like. This would most likely be considered “Our Realm” the realm in which we reside.

The “Second Realm” would be considered as ‘Visions’ of the past and future, seen¬†in the eyes of the Psychic, Medium or Conduit through the eyes of the deceased. These ‘Visions’ could be anything from future¬†to past events that will sustain itself through time. These could include those trapped between Heaven and Hell, lost and trying to find the portal that brought them here in the first place from the “First Realm”. There would be more intense contact between the Paranormal and the First Realm¬†that could include physical contact, full apparitions, Black Mists¬†and the like manifesting¬†itself from the “Second Realm” into the “First Realm”.

The “Third Realm” would be that ¬†of an entirely different environment within ones mind, taken into a world so unfamiliar to anyone or anything¬†within the¬†First or Second Realm. It could be a place of Heaven or Hell, Angels or Demons or the¬†wars between Angels and Demons here in the First Realm. Some Souls¬†that are lost between the First and Second Realm can end up in the Third Realm, taken there by those within the First, Second or Third Realm. Keep in mind, none of these dimensions have been proven scientifically, only through those who believe to have been beyond the First or Second¬†Realm and into the Third Realm.

If this sounds confusing to you, then I apologize but if you reread the Three Realms you will actually understand what is being taught herein. Please ask questions if you have them as no answers can be given without questions. I will end with this Quote;

“To Study¬†Death is to Study Life After Death”

Dusty G






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This post is implicitly informative and I learned something new about each particular paranormal explanation. Ed and Lorraine are certainly legendary in the paranormal world. Thanks for sharing this information. I hope more people get a chance to read these explanations that at the very least will open the mind.

Hello Micheal, Dusty is¬† a very experienced man in his field. I’ve had the pleasure of many chats with him and found him one of the most helpful and knowledgeable people I’ve met. That said he is now a Moderator for the site as well as having his own section on here. Once again mate, thanks for your input it’s appreciated.

Okay, that is great to know, thanks for the explanation, I will be looking forward to reading more articles and posts! As lightly as this informational post is written, it is filled with in-depth knowledge.

I’m hoping, as With Dusty, More will come on here, make their own section and take subjects very deep and give teachings to just how far the paranormal goes. For this I will give no limits. People need to know and know the truth.

I appreciate his opinion as it is, learned. I don’t prescribe to it. But I respect it. Maybe one day I may earn my own. I can be a tad on the over bearing opinionated side. But hey aren’t we all.


Everyone has a different opinion mate and that’s a good reason for the forum to be here. I appreciate any input members have and invite all to get involved and discuss openly and honestly their views. Thanks once again for your valued input.

Cheers mate.