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Ghost Adventures and The Annabelle Doll.

Now, if someone told me not to touch or I could die, I can tell you for sure I’d keep my hands firmly in my pockets. But not Zack Bagens. No……he just had to break the rules………Silly man. The show was held at Zack’s haunted museum in Vegas.¬†¬†¬†Tony Spera, the now owner of the doll brought Annabelle to Vegas for it’s first ever investigation. Tony expressed his strict rules of a ‘No touch’ warning to Zack. He told Zack about a man who mocked Annabelle when she was owned by renowned demonologist¬† and Medium Ed and Lorraine Warren. The young man died on his way home after a horrific motorbike accident. Zack claims Annabelle beckoned him to touch her…….which he eventually did. Tony, Annabelle’s owner soon came in and removed Annabelle and was clearly angry at Zack and left. My message to Zack……Sometimes in life it pays to do as you’re told!

Watch the episode here.