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What is a poltergeist?

The name ‘Poltergeist’ is German for Noisy Ghost or Noisy Spirit. It’s known as the Ghost or Paranormal entity that’s either just mischievous, annoying and has the capability to throw and move objects, cause major damage¬† and worse of all, inflict physical harm to People and animals. They’re allegedly reported to only haunt individuals as opposed to locations although there are many reports of poltergeist activity at certain locations such as 30 East Drive.
Many stories from around the world have gripped many of us at some point with the earliest found report of Poltergeist activity dating back to the first century.    

Great post on a topic that has captured the curiosity and imagination of mankind for millennia, the word itself sounds paranormally weird and spooky, the funny thing is, movies like Poltergeist really brought the term into the 21st century. As a ghost, to me, a poltergeist reminds me of a ghost that has the ability to make itself known through physical means, but is an evolved spirit that has hidden itself from the light of its next plane, perhaps it does not want to face its karma,  that is my strongest impression on the subject, what is a poltergeist. A German word.  Now I can see where geist comes in. To me there seems to be something unholy about a poltergeist and who knows, that could be because of the movie, which I loved as a child because I loved ghost movies growing up. Perhaps a spiritual being that dwells in its own negativity causes instances like, moving objects, scratching people, all the typical stuff that a poltergeist would do.

Films like Poltergeist make good entertainment, but it didn’t really portray what a poltergeist is….or what we think one is. The start of the film, yes ok. But they don’t come up from the garden, Shoot out the cupboard or bedroom covered in lights. Thats’ not a knock though on the original movie, like I said, good entertainment for it’s time. The follow on films though were bad. If you read ‘My Story’ on here that was hellish. The Vicars who came over stated it was a demonic poltergeist and would not leave. It was very bad and an experience I would never want to go through again. And when they attach themselves to you, Getting away from them is very difficult and has a big impact on your life.

I have lived with a poltergeist and it did dive me or of the house.  A ghost is in the house a Poltergeist send to move into the house is the one difference.  Poltergeists have been heard communicating in unarticulated gutteral sounds and like to do purile mischief.  Harry Price write a very good book about poltergeists.

They work in different ways mate. And I do think there could be more of them hanging around than we care to acknowledge. Would be good to read that book.

I come from a psychology background, so while I don’t immediately dismiss the idea of a poltergeist being a separate, stand-alone entity, I like to explore the idea of RSPK (recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis) to explain at least some poltergeist phenomenon.¬† It’s a convenient theory for several classic aspects of the poltergeist, such as the focus on the person and not the place, the idea of an adolescent (or other highly emotional/troubled/etc.) agent, the apports/asports/moving of objects, and the usual sudden end to the activity.

But, like I said, I don’t think this would, by any stretch, be a blanket explanation for every case we label as a poltergeist…and it may not even be applicable at all. I know that when you apply Occam’s Razor, it seems much simpler that there is some sort of independent entity at fault rather than the complexities involved in RSPK, lol. Or, maybe there is some sort of combination—perhaps the RSPK can lead to the creation of a thought-form that evolves into what is generally classified as a poltergeist.¬† Maybe RSPK AND the actual entity are present, simultaneously. It’s questions such as these that keep me up at night, lol.

Unfortunately, the RSPK theory seems to be falling out of favor these days, and there is less written about it online as there once seems to have been. This article mentions it briefly, and as a bonus, is a pretty good introductory overview of poltergeist phenomenon:¬† Psychic Science–Learn About Poltergeists

Thanks for the valuable input Theresa. This is the kind of informative and educational response that teaches people the facts on a subject. It’s certainly given me a better idea. Thank you very much.