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Is Something Trying to Get My Attention?

So, between the ages of 9 and, um, 29, I lived in a house that had all sorts of crazy activity on a regular basis. My mom still lives there, and she, along with the occasional visitor, are still experiencing unexplained phenomenon.

However, the home that I currently live in with my son and boyfriend has been relatively quiet. Over the past few years, a few random bits of strangeness have popped up and then abruptly halted, but nothing that would make me think that the home or property is actually haunted.

Therefore, the events of the this past week have been a bit unsettling, lol. Taken by themselves, they aren’t a big deal. They aren’t scary or malicious, and honestly, there are plenty of natural explanations for them. But still…I guess its my experiences in living 20 years in a super haunted house have caused me to think that there may be more to it. And, based on the type of activity, it sounds like someone is trying to get my attention.

It started a few days ago. The temperature here in West Virginia has been below freezing all week. While home alone in the middle of the day, I decided that maybe a hot bubble bath would help warm me up. I was laying back in the tub, with my ears completely under the water when I heard a phone ring. It wasn’t my cell phone–it was the sound of an old landline ring. I raised up out of the water and heard it again, two more times. Then it stopped and I haven’t heard it since.  The problem is, we don’t HAVE a landline, or even any sort of landline phone in the house. My cell phone has a distinct musical ring, and my boyfriend had both his cell and his work cell with him at work, neither of which has that sort of ringtone anyway. I looked around the house and couldn’t find anything that could have made that noise. The televisions and computers were all off, I don’t have that type of notification sound on my tablet, which also had its notification sounds turned off, and my son is 8 so he doesn’t have any toys I know of that could produce that noise.

I didn’t think it was a big deal, though. Maybe there was some sort of electronic device in the house that could have either made that ringtone, or a sound that I interpreted as being a ringtone.  Maybe my neighbors installed a super-loud ringer on their phone, lol. Maybe I just imagined it.

The very next day, it was 5:30am and I was fast asleep. I was JOLTED awake by what I thought was three knocks on the front door. It took me a few seconds to fully wake up and go peek out the window, but no one was there. I didn’t see any neighbors out either, but since it took me a few minutes to get up, they could have driven away already. I also thought it maybe was my cats up to trouble, but they were both asleep in their beds. I checked on my son and he too was asleep in his bed and nothing in his room was disturbed. I went back to bed thinking maybe I just dreamed the sounds, or that it was just something going on outside. But, the number of knocks I heard made me scratch my head a little—it was the same number of rings I had heard the day before, and there does seem to be a lot of folklore about the number 3.

Then today, my boyfriend was at work and my son was at school. I was here by myself with the two cats, cleaning up a little. As I took a load of folded towels from the laundry room to put up in the bathroom, I had to walk through the kitchen. It took me just a second to put the towels in the bathroom closet and come back to get my son’s clothes to take to his room. I had to walk back through the kitchen to get to the laundry room and found every single cabinet door wide open. They definitely weren’t like that when I came through the last time, and I don’t know how I could have jarred every single one as I walked by. I don’t think the cats would have done it that quickly, especially since they can’t easily get near the top cabinets.

I’m still not ready to break out the investigation equipment, but I am making note of all these things in a journal to see if a pattern emerges or if I can figure out what is going on.

Thanks for this very in-depth of what I can only call at the moment ‘Strange’ situation. It does sound to me that whatever it is, is trying to go one step further every time to gain your attention. As you’ve said, you’re going to update your journal as time goes on which is probably the most sensible way forward at this point. As for reaching for any equipment, I agree now is not the right time. Sometimes this can only make matters worse as I’ve found out several times myself. But no doubt curiosity will eventually step in and your investigation will start. I would love you to update us over time on how things progress.
Again, thanks for posting, you’ve shown a positive insight from your previous posts on here and I for one value and enjoy reading them.

Just a quick update…there is no update, lol. Well, that’s not entirely true.

About a week ago, my son and I were in my car when he asked me what that smell was. It took a second, but then it hit me. Within a few seconds, I went from smelling nothing to feeling like someone had dumped out a gallon of cologne in my car. I recognized the scent—it was Joop!, a brand that a very close friend always wore. He passed away several years before I purchased the car, so he had never been in it. I’ve also had the car since 2009, so I think any scent associated with the one previous owner would have dissipated by then, lol. Within a minute, the smell was gone.

But, I don’t associate that with what happened in my house, and since then, NOTHING out of the ordinary has happened in my house. Whatever may or may not have been there seems to have gone on its merry way.

Hi Theresa, As just mentioned on another post, ghosts in some type of form are always around us. Maybe your friend was just passing by and wanted to let you know he’s still there and not to forget him. It’s easy for many of us as time goes by to think less of loved ones who’ve passed, so sometimes perhaps they need to give us a little nudge to say ‘Hey……remember me?’ I’m sure he’ll pop by again one day. Regarding your home, do you count it as a blessing they’ve moved on or a little disappointed all’s gone quiet?

Quote from Karl Williams on January 24, 2018, 5:04 pm

Regarding your home, do you count it as a blessing they’ve moved on or a little disappointed all’s gone quiet?

Eh, I’m ambivalent, lol. The activity didn’t bother me while it was happening, but it didn’t last long enough for me to form any sort of emotional attachment to whatever/whoever was here. Now, if the main ghost or ghosts at my mom’s house were to ever move on, I’d probably feel pretty sad. When I first moved into that house, I was terrified. I was also mad—my friends never wanted to have our sleepovers at MY house because they were scared to come over.  But, as I got older, I became less and less afraid until I finally actually grew to appreciate my ghost/s. We have plenty of experiences where it seems like they were watching out for us and the home. After so many years, they became a part of the family.

Perhaps when you were younger the ghosts realised they could feed off your fear or anger. Now you’ve grown older and wiser, your own frustration has calmed down and crippling their ability to cause you worry allowing you to have a more tolerant approach without realising it.