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ghost story jonie

i live in a ghost house for over 20 years.first contact with the other side 37 years.the first contact whas a 3 o clock event.i had two incedents like that they are aways bad us they say christ died on de crosse at 3 pm so de devil come as joke at 3 o clock at 3 am.i go to start withe  the first 3 o clock event.i whas that weekend home a lone for the first time.but it whas not funy.when i left the house after de cleaning lady have finich here work i whent out.i came back at 11 o clock.i saw that the lights where on .i found that strange.i inspect the doors and windows.i saw no problemand whent to the night i whake up i   saw 3 o clock.

Very interesting Eric. Please tell more about yourself Sir. 🙂

i am eric janssens live in Belgium .ghost come to sea me.i can hear them sea them.i have contact with them.i now alle abuat them i dont need devices to now if they are their. i now all the way they apear.they can talk like everybody.they can make any noise they want.they can cary out fiesyck atacks.they can move things.i am the person how stand between the living and the dead.they can also cure you from diseas.i want say that nobody learnd me english so sorrie if i writte story is very long.dayly events to weekly events we go to do it piece by piece. eric

so i wake up in night and it whas 3 o dident feel good i hear steps on the stairway.i was thinking that i did not have control it so good.they went in de room under me.i whas thinking they never go to find me.stupid.they came my way.i whas trapt.they came up the stareway.quick i hade a plan.i go to puch them over so they fall 3 meters lower.i came out and to my surprice their was nobody. iwent below and thoock a butcher nife.i controlt every thing and find the morning i did it again.found nothing.their whas a place where find that sombody whas looking at me when i came home.on that place i found a cactus plant 2 meters a way from the window on a cleand carpet.nobody came in our out the hous.than i whas spoockt.i whent out the house imidiaty.

I don’t know if this will work mate, But try using the translate drop down in the left panel for your own language. Click on your language, type your post, submit your post then change it back to English. That might work and make things easier for you. Worth a try.

i now i have decede to do that..i must translaitfrom flemisch to dutch from dutch to englisch.i am not strong with pc so you see de problem. for me it is de most easy on my twitter can put it on your site.