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Hello from Whitwell, TN

I’m Jason Henley from Whitwell, Tennessee. I am the founder of Sequatchie Valley Paranormal. We have a group of 4 that have been investigating for almost a year. Our main focus is to help who we can, when we can. We have not had the pleasure to investigate a private location, but we are willing to learn the how to’s and the how NOT to’s. I want to us to be able to take that next step. Thanks for all of your support.

Hi Jason, Welcome to the forum mate. I’ll be back in a bit to talk more. Didn’t want to leave you hanging.

Hello again Jason. Thanks for signing up mate. As you can see the forums still young. I’m hoping the more people sign up the busier it will get. Those on here are a friendly bunch who from what I’ve seen so far are more than happy to share their stories and knowledge, experiences as I hope you will. Hopefully we can all support each other in any task we take on or direction we go.



Thank you!! The “story” for us has just now started. We are very eager to help in anyway possible with what we can. I guess I lean more towards hauntings, although UFOlogy is awesome too.  I try to stay “outside the box” in my approach for an investigation. There are tried and true things that just work, but I try to thing of new experiments to do, when investigating.  Try things and see if they work, if not change it up. What if a place gets investigated “to death” and what if these entities, for lack of a better phrase are “bored to death” with the same ole questions. As technology evolves, we need to also.

Couldn’t agree more mate. There are no rules and more ideas of how to do an investigation will take us closer to answering many questions we all have. Technology has advanced so much over the years and some of the results have been phenomenal. I also think sometimes do the dead get fed up of the same questions, get sick of being asked to tap on things and being told ‘We’re not here to hurt you!’ Might be the reason why some throw rocks at us lol.


Welcome aboard, Jason, and good luck with your journey to residential investigating!

My team is actually starting to go in the opposite direction as of late. After 12 years of investigating together, we have really had to cut back on the amount of residential investigations and do some MAJOR screening of potential clients. It’s another unfortunate side effect of working in the Huntington, WV area, which has become a heroin overdose capital of the country.

Even though we have members of law enforcement and medical personnel on our team, we feel like its becoming too much of an issue and putting our members at too much of a risk. Luckily, over the years we’ve come to realize that the majority of people who contact us for residential investigations don’t really need (and sometimes don’t really WANT) an actual investigation. What they are experiencing isn’t malevolent or frightening.  They just want information. They want validation. They want someone to talk to and reassure them that they aren’t crazy.

We can provide those things and more without having to step foot on their property. We might not agree to an actual investigation, but we’ll never leave someone just completely hanging. We can offer support, education, resources, and referrals. I hope one day things will settle back down enough where we can dive back into more of these types of investigations, but until then, we will try to assist as best we can under as safe as conditions as we can, and spend the majority of our field research at historic properties, businesses, and the occasional pay-to-play location.

We have yet to get a private residence to investigate. Most of ours have been pay-to-play or cemeteries. Even for our pay-to-play investigations, I research. You can never do enough research. Some have consulted with me about some instances in their home but that’s about it. I think most believe what their seeing is paranormal, because it scared them. When actually it was the house settling or the HVAC, for example. I will be there to listen and offer our services. Our door is always open and when the time comes to help someone in their home, we WILL be there. Thank you Theresa for your insight!!!!