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Hi from Helena King.

I’m Helena i am paranormal investigator and have been for 15 years investigating anything from ghosts to U.F.Os and aliens i am studying astrobiology (the study of extraterrestrial life) I own living paranormal magazine that is a free online paranormal and horror magazine you can down load it from I also run a charity uk paranormal and horror convention we give 100% of the profits to charity you can find out more from I also am the founder and owner of Boleyn Paranornal we have been investigating for 15 years you can find us on you can find us facebook youtube instagram and twitter And i am a co host of the american ghost hunter show on the KCOR radio network every thursday at 8pm ET.

Hi Helena, and thanks for joining up. And thanks for loading your profile image up, it’s much appreciated. Looking at your website it’s obvious you have a wealth of experience in the paranormal field. I’m hoping, as with other members on here you’ll be sharing past paranormal exploits with us and giving help and advice to those who need it. Good look with your upcoming event and the future of your magazine. I hope I can support you as much as I can regarding our chat earlier. All the very best,


Thank you for having me ☺

You’re more than welcome Helena. 🙂

Hi, Helena! I really enjoy the Living Paranormal Magazine! Welcome to the board.