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Youtube Ghost Stories and haunted buildings videos!

Hey Guys, So, i’m a young Youtuber who produces informative videos on some of the most haunted places in the world! the thing is I would like to get better at it and so i’m turning to the experts on the paranormal and creepy! i hope this isn’t breaking any rules but id love it if you could check out my videos and tell me what you think, what you might change and what you liked about it!



No rules broken mate. We’re all here to learn either from a beginners point of view or a highly experienced individual or group. By all means, put your videos on here. It’s good that you’re looking for both constructive criticism and good wishes for your work.

A very good, well researched and presented video mate. I’ll be checking out your channel for sure. Waverly Hills is one of the most famous paranormal locations there is and I think you’ve brought peoples knowledge of the place to a better height. Can’t wait to see more.