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Documentary Coming Soon: Demons in Seattle Uncovered (trailer)

The Keith Linder Haunting AKA Demons In Seattle / Washington State Haunting left America with Split opinions. This is the trailer for the full 90 min feature length documentary which will raise one or two more raised eyebrows. This investigation is over several days leaving no stone un turned. The evidence literally speaks for itself and the visual phenomena adds to the mystery of the Bothell House. NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY – this is a transparent and honest fact based documentary of the investigation. Also in attendance was Nick Kyle, ex president of (SSPR) -Scottish Society Of Psychical Research- as an independent observer / assessor of how the case was investigated and to verify and witness any phenomena taking place. There was no shortage in this compelling documentary available in April.


Now on Amazon.

The Bothell Hell House by Keith Linder.

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