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Ghosts don't just possess the living.


Probably The most famous and talked about Haunted doll there is.

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Annabelle Dolls

In 1970, a woman shopping in a thrift store bought a Raggedy-Ann style doll for her daughter, who was in college. Her daughter liked it and put it in her apartment, but soon she and her roommate both noticed odd things happening involving the doll. It would move by itself, often being found in another room even though no one had touched it. They found small scraps of parchment paper, which they didn't even own, with childish handwriting scrawled on them. They even found the doll standing impossibly on its rag doll legs one time. Read more


Dibbuk box.

A dibbuk is a restless spirit believed to be able to haunt and even possess the living.

The dibbuk box
The term "Dibbuk Box" was first created and used by Kevin Mannis to describe a wine cabinet in the item information for an eBay auction and as the subject of his original story describing paranormal events which he related to the box. Mannis, a writer and creative professional by trade, owned a small antiques and furniture refinishing business in Portland, Oregon at the time. According to Mannis' story, he bought the box at an estate sale in 2003. It had belonged to a survivor of the Holocaust in German-occupied Poland named Havela, who had escaped to Spain and purchased it there before her immigration to the United States. Read more

Robert The Doll.

Robert the Enchanted Doll, is a doll that was once owned by author Robert Eugene Otto.

Robert The Doll Books
Posing as a little boy in a sailor suit, his careworn face is only vaguely human. His nub of a nose looks like a pair of pinholes. He is covered in brown nicks, like scars. His eyes are beady and black. He wears a malevolent smirk. Clasped in his lap he’s holding his own toy, a dog with garish, popping eyes and a too-big tongue lolling crazily out of its mouth. 
Here are some other things that people also agree is true about Robert: That he’s haunted and that he has caused car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce and a cornucopia of other misfortunes.  Robert is 111-years-old and lives at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Before that he was the property of Robert Eugene Otto. Read more

Anguished Man

The Anguished man might just be the most Haunted painting ever.

Ghosts aren’t limited to haunting just houses these days. Claims of ghostly residents have plagued a variety of inanimate objects from dolls, to statues, to furniture, to paintings, and it’s far more prominent than you might think.

One man thinks he just might be in possession of one of these objects. “The Anguished Man” was bestowed upon UK resident Sean Robinson by his grandmother, who must have really hated him.  Read more

Busby Stoop Chair

Make sure you're sitting comfortably…Sitting down will never be the same again.

Thomas Busby was a man who enjoyed the odd drink or two. It was normal for him to be seen in his favourite pub, sitting in his favourite chair. Busby was not a man to be trifled with though. A petty thief, he was often quick to display to his temper and very rarely did he resist the urge to enter into a fist fight with anyone who upset him.

It was this bravado that was to cost him dearly in the summer of 1702. Busby’s father-in-law was a man named Daniel Awety
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Horicon Haunting.

Haunted Bunk Bed in Wisconsin Torments Horicon Family.

A Haunting in Horicon
In 1987 a family living in the small town of Horicon, Wisconsin was gripped by what may be the only case ever of haunted children’s bedroom furniture. Allen and Debbie Tallmann bought the bunk bed from a second hand shop and moved it into their home on quiet Larabee Street. Strange things began happening almost immediately. The radio would switch stations on its own. The children saw an ugly old woman in their room. She had long black hair and a glow like fire. Doors banged open and shut, a chair rocked by itself. Disembodied voices called from empty rooms. Read more