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The Long Stretch My daddy worked away from home in the late seventies, and while

When Karl first moved into his council flat in Chilwell Nottingham, he was

This is Theresa’s story from our Forum

So, between the ages of 9 and,

I was about 10 years old and in my small bedroom wide awake one sunny

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You can now post your Ghost Story, Experience or Video on our 'Your Ghost Stories' page.

Join the UKGhostforum.com and let's build a spooky community !

It's here! UKGhostforum.com is the new place to be for all involved in the paranormal and supernatural. Share ideas, give advice and let the world know you're here! Come on......Jump right in!

Next Month our Spooky T-shirt page will be here!

From next month I'll be starting our own Spooky T-shirt pages. Not just t-shirts though........If you're a Ghost Hunter get your groups name on your T-shirt, Sweatshirt or Jacket. You can even display your Ghost Hunting name on your car or van. 


My own evidence and experiences will be here soon!

Over the next week I'll be posting my own paranormal experiences on here. Believe or believe not............the site is here for you to tell your story too and show what you believe to be true. Well......I can't make a site like this without taking the plunge myself!  I'll also be going out on Ghost Hunts with my brother....just the two of us so I'm hoping there'll be something worth seeing to put on here. Here goes nothing.......Wish me luck!


Great News...Our Events Pages are here and now you can book your Accommodation too!


GhostBlog News.

Theghostblog.co.uk has now teamed with a well known Ghost Hunt and Events company proudly displaying over 20 years experience within the Paranormal Field. Event's are held throughout the UK only by experienced professionals guaranteeing a first class event....one you'll never forget. So prepare yourself to be Terrified.  Read more on this exciting news!